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Dear Bank AL Habib Customer,

Bank AL Habib is committed to providing quality services and we believe your valuable feedback and suggestions will help identify needs and desired improvement in current services.

We will therefore appreciate if you will spare some of your valuable time and complete this form, "clicking" on the column which best reflects your satisfaction level and entering "NA" in case you do not wish to add anything in the spaces provided for written input/suggestions; and, click "SUBMIT" button to send the completed form. In case you have already completed and submitted a survey form please disregard this request .

We thank you for banking with us and for your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Yours truly,
Akbar Khan
General Manager Customer Services
Bank AL Habib Limited

PS: Important Note: In case you wish to submit your input in Urdu, please download the form from our website: complete, scan and submit to: or simply mail the completed form to us or drop in any one of the "Drop Boxes" installed at our Branches or ATM rooms.

Please Click in the column which best reflects your level of satisfaction
1 In the past months, have you personally experienced a problem or annoyance in any aspect of your relationship with Bank AL Habib ?


Can you identify the problem area/service here ?
Not Satisfied
Very Satisfied
Very Likely
2 Are you satisfied with the way Bank AL Habib handled or is currently handling this problem ?
3 If a problem arises in future, are you confident that Bank AL Habib will work towards its fair and satisfactory resolution ?
4 Are you generally satisfied with the quality and range of Bank's Products & Services ?
  Please name any product/service that is needed but is not available at Bank AL Habib ?
5 Are you generally satisfied with the handling & Information provided by the Staff ?
6 Are you generally satisfied with our Charges for services rendered?
7 Are you generally satisfied with the cleanliness and convenience of our Branches ?
8 Are you generally satisfied with the time taken to provide you with services ?
9 Overall, Are you generally satisfied with Bank AL Habib ?
10 Are you likely to continue doing business with Bank AL Habib in future?
11 Are you likely to recommend Bank AL Habib to a friend or associate?
12 Are you generally satisfied with Bank’s electronic banking products & services (iBanking, Debit Cards, ATM Service, SMS Alert, eStatement, Call Center and Mobile Banking)?
Please identify the problem area related to electronic banking products & services, if any?
13 Are you generally satisfied that the adequate product information has been provided to you?

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